OG-107 Scenery


OG-107 Scenery, 2012 17 U.S. Army '“ issue reserve parachute canopies (model: T-10R MIRPS-SLCP, color: olive green-107, size: 24-foot diameter), electric fans, parachute cord, carabineers, power cords, external power supply, and airplane [...]



Muegano, 2012 27 greenhouses frames Christchurch, New Zealand Commissioned by SCAPE Public ArtHéctor Zamora is a Mexican artist based in São Paulo, Brazil, who has made public space a significant part of his practice. His major works blend the situational and the surreal, encouraging the inhabitants [...]

Inconstância Material


Inconstância material [Material inconstancy] at São Paulo?s Luciana Brito gallery, Zamora arranged twenty bricklayers in the gallery space, who toss bricks to each other in a circuitous pattern extending from the interior gallery to the gangway to [...]

En Suspensión


Group Exhibition: In Suspension Year: 2012 Place: ESPAI D’Art Contemporani de Castelló (EACC) Curated by Iria CandelaArtworks: Revoltón, 2012 80 fragments of ceramic vaults Zuncho, 2012 21 fragments of thermal clay lintels Botellero, 2012 22 five-hole bottle racks Escalón, 2012 16 fragments of steps Teja curva, de la serie circunferencias, 2009 – 2012 71 roof [...]