Héctor Zamora




Title: Cicera
Year: 2008
Dimensions: Variable
Technique: remodeling house project
Place: São Paulo - Brasil

/ Take advantage of the former structure of the house, in order to minimize costs.
/ Recycle (such as the hand rail, which came from other worksites).
/ Prioritize revamping rather than the construction of new walls.
/ Use environmentally sustainable materials.
/ Optimize the intrinsic characteristics and resources of each space.
/ Valorize the view to the north of the city of São Paulo.

/ Internal area: 350 m2
/ External area: 244 m2

Adaptable-use areas
/ Creation of three spaces to serve either as artist studios or residential apartments.
/ Minimal finishing to make it easier for the user to reconfigure the space as needed.
/ Movable kitchen module in each space.
/ Two reservoirs for hot and cold water and sewer.
/ Electrical wiring is exposed to make eventual changes easier.

Space 1
/ Area: 116.6 m²
/ Double ceiling height

Space 2
/ Area: 84.5 m²
/ Free span without interference of walls.

Space 3
/ Area: 83.4 m²
/ Duplex

* Spaces 1 and 2 can be joined to form a single space with an area of 201.1 m².
** Removable stair between spaces 1 and 2.

Energy savings

Rainwater Harvesting
10,000 liters of rainwater are captured and stored in the reservoir under the house’s parking area.
The water used in the garden, for cleaning, and in the toilets is obtained only from this rainwater.

Solar water heating
/ Water pumps, water tanks, solar water heating system are located on the two rooftop terraces.
/ Hot-water supply pipes are wrapped in thermal insulation to conserve heat.

/ Natural lighting is sufficient during the day.
/ Artificial lighting: high-performance 3000-K T5 lamps.

/ Natural ventilation makes air conditioning unnecessary.


Aloe vera

Main corridor
hanging garden with epiphytes

Central patio
Etlingera elatior [torch ginger] and Callisia repens [creeping inchplant]

Second-floor terrace
Pachypodium lamerei (Drake) [Madagascar palm]

Space-2 bathroom
Pleomele reflexa [Malaysian dracaena]

Space-3 garden
Monstera deliciosa [monster fruit]

Rooftop areas
Aristolochia gigantea [Brazilian Dutchman’s pipe] and Gibasis schiedeana [Tahitian bridal veil]


















Paracaidista, av. Revolución 1608bis/Intervención de Héctor Zamora

World´s best new art: Unreal Projects, edited by Gerorg Leutner publiqued by: Verlag Fur Moderne Kunts Numberg

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